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When God Does a New Thing – Pt. 5: Orientation

Possibly the most crucial aspect of rightly discerning and faithfully engaging in any work of God is to properly and deeply understand its “orientation.”  If this one aspect is missed or misunderstood, it can become the primary reason why a … Continue reading

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The Cross in “3D”

The cross is like a many-sided jewel that must be turned and beheld from all angles to appreciate its true beauty and extraordinary worth.  In this post, I’d like to give a three-point perspective on the cross through a collection … Continue reading

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Co-Laboring With God

[Listen to post here.] ~ ~ ~ All things that possess movement, in time and space, have three distinct characteristics.  They have a “source”: the origin of the movement; they have a “means”: that by which the movement is carried out and … Continue reading

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